The deadline for the NBA Finals is October

The proposed deadline for the NBA Finals is in October – The NBA is looking at a 22-team model to return to this season, straight to the postseason with free play-in.

The NBA is also looking to complete plans to return to play with what is expected to come Thursday. The idea is that 22 teams will return and play for the rest of the season in Orlando. With a projected schedule to be released, Adrian Wojnarowski from ESPN reported last Tuesday that the final date for the NBA 2020 Final was October 12. That is Game 7.

Adrian Wojnarowski

The NBA Board of Governors held a meeting on Thursday to vote on the final plan to restart the season, per source. The league is still working through those details with NBPA.

Adrian Wojnarowski

ESPN Source: Because the NBA modeled the 22 team format for the July 31 resumption in Orlando, the timeline was proposed for the team as a possible last date for the NBA Game Final 7: 12 October.

So we know the NBA wants more teams than just 16th in the playoffs to make everything fair. This is what the NHL did to approve it, so it’s not surprising that the NBA accepts it. It seems indeed like six additional teams will get the chance to enter the playoffs this year. This can be shared between conferences or only the six best records taken. The next choice is more appropriate considering the race in the West Region is much tighter than the East.

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